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what is our mission?
Our Mission is to make it easier for YOU to ‘find things for sale’ on the Internet. The Internet is saturated with information and offers, finding what you are looking for is akin to ‘finding the Needle in the Haystack’. In our world we are striving to simplify the search for what you want.

We do this by:
  • collecting the important classifieds on the web
  • featuring an easy to use search engine that helps you sort out these adverts.
  • presenting you with enough information so you only need to check out vendors with relevant offers.
what is our vision?
Our vision is to create a new approach which:
  • radically enhances the way online classifieds work, forever!
  • means advertisers do not need to pay for classified advertising!
  • provides a web experience to save time and money for consumers when it comes to tracking down those important purchases.
our guarantee
Classified advertising is the cornerstone content of our business:
  • we will not charge businesses to place their classified adverts onto Skupe Net.
  • we will promote Skupe Net via strategic partnerships and targeted Internet advertising that is tailored for the types of adverts within Skupe Net.